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Как заботиться о зубах
Неплохой ответ, но лучше всего комментарии (как известно, самый простой способ выяснить что-либо в интернете, это дать заведомо неправильный ответ), вкратце:
- Генетика
- Правильный уход, в том числе:
- чистить зубы До еды и перед сном спустя, видимо, достаточное время после еды, иначе снимаешь верхний слой эмали, любоезно размягчённый бактериями во время еды)
- Полоскать рот чистой водой после сладких и кислых еды и питья
- Не пользоваться зубной нитью на постоянной основе, так как мало кто умеет это делать правильно, не повреждая зубы и десны. Достаточно дважды в год ходить на профессиональную чистку к дантисту.

Комментарий старого дантиста (март 2020):
As a retired dentist with over 40 years practice experience working in different environments and countries, I have seen what works - and what doesn’t work, for oral hygiene, and for all types of dental reconstruction. Your contribution is interesting, but not entirely correct. There are three factors that influence susceptibility to dental decay (caries) and periodontitis (gum disease). 1. The genetic component, namely are you resistant to the bacteria causing caries, and also to the different bacteria causing periodontitis? 2. Oral Hygiene - and on this point most researchers are quite clear. Brushing, and particularly interdental brushing as an adult is key. An important study of brushing with water, water + salt, water + toothpaste showed that while all worked to a greater or lesser extent, brushing with water + salt for a sufficient length of time (twice that with brushing +toothpaste) was as effective at removing plaque (the deposit that builds on teeth containing bacteria) as brushing with toothpaste. However brushing with an electric toothbrush + toothpaste ( a large pea-size portion) was the most effective for a much reduced time of brushing (less than 2 minutes). An important point as regards brushing, most dentists will tell you to brush after eating. What they omit to tell you is that within minutes of starting to eat, bacteria begin to turn any sugar into acid, and this acid begins to demineralise the tooth enamel. As a consequence, after 20–30 minutes, the outer layer of enamel begins to soften and is more likely to be partially removed, especially brushing with an abrasive toothpaste. I advised pre-eating brushing, in this way, the plaque containing these bacteria is removed, and no bacteria are present to convert sugar into acid. For most people, flossing causes more harm than good, as the level of manual dexterity needed is way beyond that of most patients, and certainly of children, and the way that floss is used is guaranteed to cause damage. 3. Diet - a diet low in sugar, including the “hidden” sugars mentioned in the answer, is vital for tooth and gum health. Conversely, a diet high in sugar, particularly sugary carbonated drinks, will cause extensive demineralisation of tooth enamel, leading to caries or tooth erosion. Finally, I have seen patients who by their own admission didn’t even own a toothbrush, had half a centimetre thickness of plaque and calculus removed at each 6 -monthly visit, yet underneath the teeth and gums were perfectly healthy. As a contrast, patients whose oral hygiene was exemplary - including an ex-hygienist I employed, who simply lost bone support on an annual basis. So to sum up, good oral hygiene, good diet, and hope that you have inherited good genes, because in my opinion this is the single most important factor.
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